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  • Calfee Design Carbon Cage
    Calfee Design Carbon Cage
    Our carbon bottle cage is blend of modern materials, a timeless design, and a dependable functionality.  No need to worry about losing bottles or struggling to insert or remove your bottle with our cage...
  • Custom Headset Spacer
    Custom Headset Spacer
    We found that many carbon headset spacers are actually fiberglass with one outer layer of carbon. And they are often not square! Making your headset stiff. If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. 100% carbon...
  • Custom Bamboo Headset Spacer
    Custom Bamboo Headset Spacer
    Not ready to get a bamboo bike yet? Dip your toe in such radical waters with the Bamboo spacer. Or, if you have a bamboo bike, this accents it perfectly. Saturated in Tung oil to prevent splitting. Lathe cut at the node...


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