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Calfee DIY Tool Set

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Tool sets for the various stages of building a frame.

  • Complete toolset for Calfee DIY bamboo bike kit.  Order the drawing of the type of bike you want to build.  You'll also need a flat table and a workbench with bench vise attached.  A drill with half inch chuck (or hand crank) will also be needed for mitering.
    Calfee DIY Tool Set
    Please choose between these four options. Own this tool set No need to rent the tool set.  I want to own it. 2 week rental Tools returned within 2 weeks will receive $500 dollars back on their original...
  • Complete toolset without the mitering tool kit.
    Calfee DIY Tool Set - w/o mitering tool set
    Tool sets machined from PVC and steel parts. Please make sure you purchase your drawing.  Drawing not included in tool set. Tools & Supplies not provided but needed to complete the frame...


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